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Remembering Pete Ogden 

By Debbie Shipherd

Pete Ogden
December 8, 1936
September 1, 2006

 Pete Ogdens Innovation Engineering and Motorsports Fabrication is boldly embroidered on the back of Keith Shipherds drivers suit. Innovative engineering is an understatement to the rich, unique, creative designs that Pete Ogden fabricated over the years. His master craftsmanship and vast experience in welding and creating works of art in the motorsports arena has been a major focus throughout his life, but those masterpieces dont hold a candle to the man whose character will remain a legend to those of us who knew and loved him.

One of the most remarkable traits about Pete was his humility. He had an enormous wealth of knowledge, and touched the lives of many now famous names in racing history, yet he let his meticulous work and his actions speak for him, and they spoke volumes. His most notorious works are the Pure Hell AA fuel altered dragster and The Spirit of America, the bullet that broke the World Land Speed record, driven by Craig Breedlove. He has made numerous contributions to a wide range of motorsports fabrications, and has raced, crashed, and rebuilt more things in his lifetime than anyone could imagine. His pride came, however, from the people he has mentored and shared his knowledge with throughout the years, and there are many.

Pete first came into our lives around 1980 at Chuck Delus shop. At that time Pete and Chuck were building Delu Sprint Car chassis. In 1999 when the Wingless Spec Sprint class first began in
Antioch, Keith took his Delu Sprinter to Pete to do some modifications on the chassis. Pete began coming to the races regularly with our team and his involvement as a friend, teacher, sponsor and very active crew member continued until his last race with us at Chowchilla Speedway on July 29, 2006.

>From that first season racing with us and all throughout the years, Pete would leave with the parting words Let me know if I can do anything for you. He welded broken parts and fabricated many new ones, always looking to improve on a design, for not only our team, but for any racer who needed help. One of his mottos was just because its done in the garage doesnt mean it isnt done right. His positive attitude and zesty love of life, especially in his last months, inspired us all. His endless stories captivated us, made us laugh, and taught us. His kindness, love for friends, family, dogs, and endless passion for racing especially endeared him to everyone he met.

Pete, you are a legend in our eyes. We love you and thank you for enriching our lives. We will miss you dearly. Rest in peace, good friend.






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